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Ronald Russell - Biography

Novelist/Screenwriter Ronald Russell doesn't know how to do just one thing. "Life requires constant exploration and adventures." Mr. Russell is a popular restaurateur in Los Angeles/Hollywood. SunCafe organic has won multiple awards for it's unique international cuisine.

He started college as a philosophy major but quickly turned his studies to Music Composition. From there, he dove into painting, drawing and photography. One of Mr. Russell's art works was chosen for a group exhibit at The Laguna Beach Museum of Art.

As a college and freelance journalist, Mr. Russell has won 7 writing awards including best humor piece in California. His human interest stories have appeared in National and Regional publications including: Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Magazine, L.A. Weekly, The World and I.

Author Ronald Russell
"Don Carina" — Novel
WWII Naples and the Mafia enslaved Carina but nothing chained her more than her own choices.

In his recent novel "Don Carina," young Carina searches for freedom from the oppression forced on women by society, the church and her family in 1930s Southern Italy. Instead of freedom, she finds herself forced to marry a crime boss in Naples. Her husband becomes incapacitated during WWII, in Naples Italy. Carina battles for control of his organization, in order to save her family from the threat of his own men, the Nazis, other crime families and the destruction of the war.

"Silencing Hussein" — Screenplay
He sought revenge and found hope.

During their invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the Iraqi secret police capture and torture Chad, an American oil worker. Chad escapes during Desert Storm. Enraged that Saddam remained in power, Chad enters Iraq seeking to "Silence Hussein" which leads him to an unexpected discovery and transformation.

Semi-Finalist—The Writers Foundation Awards
Semi-Finalist—America's Best Screenplay Competition
Semi-Finalist—Austin Screenwriters Conference
Semi-Finalist—The Writer's Network

"The Deafening Silence" — Screenplay
Fame can't replace love

A guilt-ridden basement pianist discovers the dangers of lusting after fame as he rises to become a revolutionary entertainer. He becomes a "rock star" within the staid world of the concert stage. His passion fuels him to greatness then plummets him into excess and self destruction until he loses his wife, his brother and everyone else close to him. He learns that the applause doesn't fill his need for love; and, ultimately, he must face his guilt, learn forgiveness, and find his redemption.

2007 Semi-Finalist—America's Best Screenplay Competition

"Beethoven: Heaven's Voice"-One-Man Play
The only thing more dramatic than his music was his life.

One critical night in Beethoven's life forces the musical giant to confront the choices he has made between love and achievement.

Audience reaction: "A thrill of a lifetime." "This play changed my life. It forced me to take a look at what I wanted to accomplish." "This play must go to Broadway."

Ronald Russell wove his extensive research on Beethoven into a skillful pastiche, showing Beethoven's genius as well as his frailties...sophisticated and accessible this was a cleverly written script. Quite thrilling! Chris Creson, Fullerton News

Playwright Ronald Russell holds a focus that enables him to make his play relevant and moving, not just a staged biography. Stanley H. Nemeth, CurtainUp


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