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Heroines of WWII - the Unsung Female Heroes
That Helped Defeat the Nazi's

Carina Cunzolo, the heroine of "Don Carina," is based on interviews I held with her youngest daughter. While Carina stands as an anti-hero because of her many violent choices, she never the less did help many Jews escape Nazi capture using her smuggling operation during World War 2.

I will let the reader decide if Carina is a true hero within the violent world she was forced to make her decisions. However, there were no shortage of unquestionable female heroes that stood up to the evils perpitrated by the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan.

Below is a small sampling of the heroines that helped to defeat the Nazi's and their allies. Click to learn more about each of these amazing women that risked their lives because they could not ignore their own humanity.

 Irena Sendler   Polish social worker helped save 2,500 Jewish children and 500 adults from Nazi death camps during WWII. 
 Virginia Hall The German Gestapo named her "most dangerous Allied spy of World War 2."
 Claire Phillips Dancer, Manila nightclub owner that got secrets out of her Japanese officer clients.
 Nancy Wake French Resistance Organizer, Most Decorated Woman of WWII
 Eileen Nearne    Parchuted into Nazi occupied France by the SOE as a radio operator and courier.
 Virginia Roush, Virginia d’Albert-Lake   Helped downed Allied pilots in France return to England. Captured by Nazi's and tortured but never revealed her accomplices.
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